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Oxygen Evolution Reaction

  Electrocatalysts for CO2 & water electrolsis 

Noble Metal based Electrocatalysts for OER

There is a growing interest in clean energy because of problems such as environmental pollution in the current energy supply and demand system based on fossil fuels. Particularly, researches for using as a clean energy source using electrochemical water splitting are being actively carried out. Among them, inhibitor of the efficiency of water splitting reaction is a large overpotential on the anode and is the catalyst instability in the oxidation condition. Our research group is evaluating the performance by synthesizing Noble metal-based catalysts to ensure excellent performance and stability. Furthermore, various research equipment are being used to investigate the relationship between various oxidation states and activity catalyst.

Non-noble Metal based Electrocatalysts for OER

Both computational and experimental studies have recently shown that the noble metal-based oxides such as Ir and Ru are most active electrocatalysts for OER. However, high cost and scarcity of these noble metal-based materials hinder their large-scale application. To overcome this problem, Our lab focused to develop non-noble metal-based electrode for OER. Our simple and scalable method appear to be promising method to ensure economic feasibility.

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